Physical Therapy

Our team of professional Physical Therapists are from your community and highly qualified to know and understand your unique needs. Our Therapists will Help patients develop relaxation, cardiac rehab, therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, assess pain relief and use electrical, manual and thermal biofeedback methods. Our team will help the patient walk and maintain posture, improve balance, re-educate muscles and stimulate senses in addition to retaining in self-care, transfer and wheelchair independence when nessessary.

We Offer:

  • Restorative & Rehabilitative Therapy
  • Patient & Family Instructions
  • TENS Pain Management

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CHN Volunteers

Volunteer_logoWhile expert medical providers, management and caring staff are instrumental in leading our organization, providing these services would be impossible without the dedication and commitment of our valued CHN Volunteers. Read More >>

CHN Foundation

foundation_logoBeyond hands-on medical care our CHN Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, is available to help area children, adults, and families. Read More >>

CHN Careers

Whether you prefer the excitement of helping implement cutting-edge treatment technology or the close relationships that evolve through contact with patients and their families, you can find your special place at CHN. Work With Us>>>
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